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Boiled dietary chicken on a salad sheet

Boiled chicken, salad sheet..

Boiled fish fillet

Boiled fish fillet..

Broken mushroom

chicken chicken with mushrooms and cheese without mayonnaise..

Broken pork

pork chop..


The chicken is stewed with tomatoes, onions and pepper, cilantro and sharp spices..

Champignons baked in their own juice

Champignons baked in their own juice..

Chicken cutlets

Chicken cutlets..

Chicken egg boiled

Chicken egg boiled..

Chicken stripes in sharp potato chips

Chicken stripes in sharp potato chips..

Chop chicken

Chicken chicken..

Dumplings with meat

Dumplings with meat..

Dumplings with potatoes

Dumplings with potatoes..

Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms..

Eggs with ham, vegetables and cheese

eggs, ham, cheese, sweet pepper, onions, tomato..

French omelet

Eggs, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, mayonnaise..

Fricas from chicken

Fricas from chicken..

Ground dumplings and sniffings

Ground dumplings and sniffings..

Kurita homemade

Chicken cutlet..

Merluza fillet baked with a tomato under the cheese

Merluza fillet baked with a tomato under the cheese..

Omlet of a vegetable bouquet

Eggs, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper..

Pair of fish cutlet

Fish cutlets..

Pickered pancakes with spicy sauce

Pickered pancakes with spicy sauce..

Pork baked with vegetables under cheese

Pork baked with vegetables under cheese..


SHNITSEL CURRENTER in crackers with fried egg and red sauce..

Viennese sausages fried with little lover cucumber and mustard

Viennese sausages are fried, little -salted cucumbers, mustard..

Buckwheat is in a king

buckwheat, pork, mushrooms, beans, vegetables..

Kurin's thigh in soy-honey sauce

Kurin's thigh in soy-honey sauce..

Complex lunch with delivery